So many have asked how I have done so well and survived. Let me tell you my story! I was blessed to have been born and raised by Christian parents the second child of six whose father became a Baptist Minister in a small church when I was 11 years old. I was taken to […]


Turning 60 in the spring of 2020 looked odd. We were in the middle of a pandemic where everyone was scared. I was working from home and thought the tightness of my waistband was due to too many fridge visits. Frequent urination (10+ times per night) and constipation were unusual for me but not painful […]


On May 17 1999, I awoke from exploratory abdominal surgery to hear the words “You have cancer.” After two surgeries in a week and spending three weeks in the hospital because of complications, I finally went home to recover. Or at least I thought…the day after leaving the hospital a hole opened on the incision […]


Our Maddie lived a joyful life for 18 years. She loved traveling, spending time with her friends, going to concerts – she loved music of all kinds – she enjoyed dancing, singing loudly, and riding the dirt roads singing with her friends. Maddie grew up spending summers at Lake Martin and loved boating, skiing, and […]


My name is Marsha and I’m from eastern NC. I am 52 years old. I am a Mother to 3 children and a Nana to the sweetest baby girl ever. In March of this year I started noticing that I was getting tired easily. I would have big plans to go shopping and after the […]


I was diagnosed with Stage 1 OC in November 2008. I had surgery, chemo, and some complications. My last chemo treatment was around the time that my friend Lucy was also diagnosed with Stage 1. A year later my hair’s grown back and scars are fading but Lucy didn’t make it. I think about her […]


  My husband and I moved to Beaufort, SC in July of 2020. I had not found new doctors, so I had my annual physical with my nurse practitioner in my former hometown. I had a bit more of a tummy and I had frequent urination, both of which I just put down to being […]