Turning 60 in the spring of 2020 looked odd. We were in the middle of a pandemic where everyone was scared. I was working from home and thought the tightness of my waistband was due to too many fridge visits. Frequent urination (10+ times per night) and constipation were unusual for me but not painful […]


On May 17 1999, I awoke from exploratory abdominal surgery to hear the words “You have cancer.” After two surgeries in a week and spending three weeks in the hospital because of complications, I finally went home to recover. Or at least I thought…the day after leaving the hospital a hole opened on the incision […]


Our Maddie lived a joyful life for 18 years. She loved traveling, spending time with her friends, going to concerts – she loved music of all kinds – she enjoyed dancing, singing loudly, and riding the dirt roads singing with her friends. Maddie grew up spending summers at Lake Martin and loved boating, skiing, and […]


My name is Marsha and I’m from eastern NC. I am 52 years old. I am a Mother to 3 children and a Nana to the sweetest baby girl ever. In March of this year I started noticing that I was getting tired easily. I would have big plans to go shopping and after the […]


I was diagnosed with Stage 1 OC in November 2008. I had surgery, chemo, and some complications. My last chemo treatment was around the time that my friend Lucy was also diagnosed with Stage 1. A year later my hair’s grown back and scars are fading but Lucy didn’t make it. I think about her […]


  My husband and I moved to Beaufort, SC in July of 2020. I had not found new doctors, so I had my annual physical with my nurse practitioner in my former hometown. I had a bit more of a tummy and I had frequent urination, both of which I just put down to being […]


Judy was the oldest of 7, a RN nurse, mom of 2 and happily married for over 20 years. In her 40s the found out about her ovarian cancer diagnosis and unfortunately she passed away at 49 from this terrible disease. Her sister Janine DeFeo could not understand the lack of information regarding Ovarian Cancer […]


We had been trying to have a baby for three years. I was on fertility medicine, and someone congratulated me for being pregnant. The truth was that I knew something was wrong. When I would do situps and stretch afterwards, I felt like there was a “bubble”. I just hoped it was a baby… But […]


Shaylee Bedward Downs was a bright light in this world. She inspired many people as she walked a tough road this side of heaven. After being diagnosed with stage 3c low grade serous ovarian cancer on October 18, 2017, Shaylee never let this disease take away her tenacity, wit, and grace. She made a point […]


Jane Whitley Timmons Pineapple size Tumor found May 2008 Surgery June 2008 Chemo Aug-Nov 2008 Cancer Free going on 14 years! My Hero! 🤍🦋