Harts of Teal, a faith-based non-profit started by two ovarian cancer survivors.

So many have asked how I have done so well and survived. Let me tell you my story! I was blessed to have been born and raised by Christian parents the second child of six whose father became a Baptist Minister in a small church when I was 11 years old.
I was taken to church at 10days old and grew up in church which has always been a major part of my life. God has always been a part of my Story even before I was born he created me and had a plan for my life. My parents loved the Lord and lived a Godly example before all of us Siblings. I saw that example and wanted that same life and love for Christ. At age 12 my Dad prayed the Sinners prayer with me . I was lost and and Jesus saved me and forgave me of all my sins. I was baptized then at the summer revival and have never been the same. Years later I attended Vocational School Graduated and married and started working in the Medical Field married had my own spouse and family. I dedicated each of them to the Lord and prayed that he would continue to guide my life in serving him and others. I have continued over the many years serving him and others in the medical field . Serving him and others has always been fulfilling and daily experience for me. He has seen me through many many trials through my marriage, child raising, jobs, life challenges my spouse diagnosed with Lupus, heart attacks family deaths,but God has always been right there. On April 14 2022 Being Dx with Ovarian Cancer was the most devastating and breathtaking day of my life. God allowed me to wake up from surgery on this day to his still voice saying Cindy I know the plan I have for you
Will you continue to listen and follow me? So through Chemo, through the days I needed help getting out of bed, days I needed help taking a shower, nights I couldn’t sleep, all the questions why he was and has been there right by me and carrying me through his plan. It is to share his love and care and saving mercy and Telling Everyone about My Jesus! If you don’t know him all you have to do is pray and ask him to be your Savior. This is his plan for all to come to know him. He is the reason why I am still here and can still wake up everyday to another beautiful day of life. Thank you all for all of your precious prayers.💕💕💕I have to give thanks to the Lord for the precious Spouse that has been my Rock through this Journey I would not have been able to make it without him.

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