Harts of Teal, a faith-based non-profit started by two ovarian cancer survivors.

On August 21, 2020 Coral Luna Aguirre “Coriss” lost her hard fought battle to Ovarian Cancer at the tender age of 43. After years of being in and out of the ER and various misdiagnosis, in March, they finally told us/her what was wrong. We heard the worst words that you could ever hear as a family. “Stage 4 Ovarian Cancer” and our lives changed forever. It’s been a hard blow to our family and we are still trying to process and heal from what has happened but we know that Coriss is still very much with us and exists in our energy and in our hearts. Her story is a way too common story among ovarian cancer patients. There are no early detection screenings like breast or cervical cancer. The signs and symptoms are very vague and commonly overlooked. – bloating/ issues with indigestion/ loss of appetite/ fatigue-lower back ache or cramps/ needing to urinate frequently or urgently Just to name a few. Early detection is key in saving women’s lives. Often times (like my sister), when detected it’s typically in the late stages. CORISS was a huge humanitarian who had a passion for advocacy, helping others, speaking up for those who couldn’t and volunteering and organizing charity events. Particularly Cancer events. She was a member of Team Pink, Pink Heals Tour and supported Ellie’s Elves from Ga. We are doing the Harts of Teal 5k color run on her birthday month this year and running as “TEAM CORISS”. I know it’s something that would make her sooo happy. I would love your help in bringing awareness to ovarian cancer and keeping up with her legacy and making her proud. Our wish, and I know it would be my sister’s too, is that one day there will be proper screenings for ovarian cancer so no family goes through what we’ve been through this past year. As of now, there are none. Had there been, maybe it would have saved my sister’s life. #TEAMCORISS We love you eternally Coriss, ~ The Aguirre Family

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