Harts of Teal, a faith-based non-profit started by two ovarian cancer survivors.


My husband and I moved to Beaufort, SC in July of 2020. I had not found new doctors, so I had my annual physical with my nurse practitioner in my former hometown. I had a bit more of a tummy and I had frequent urination, both of which I just put down to being 60. During the exam, the nurse practitioner felt something in my abdomen and thought I should have an ultrasound, which led to an CAT scan and MRI. After the MRI I was advised to immediately see a gynecological oncologist. There was a mass attached to my ovary. I felt the Lord’s presence from the beginning, strengthening me for the steps ahead. Before we moved our pastor reminded us that he had led a church in Charleston and still had many contacts. He was able to connect us with wonderful doctors at the Medical University of South Carolina. They pretty quickly got me in and then scheduled for surgery. In November 2020 I had my ovaries, Fallopian tubes, omentum, and appendix removed as well as a hysterectomy. I am thankful for God’s hand, as I had acute appendicitis, and they found a small (1a) cyst in my uterus. The doctors spent some time going over my pathology to decide on the best treatment plan. My cancers were low grade, and they ended up deciding they were unrelated. In January 2021 I started chemo and made it through. So far my tests are coming out clean. Praise God again!! I am thankful for Harts of Teal getting the word out about Ovarian Cancer. I think women are sadly uniformed about this cancer.

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