I am a 60 year female with no medical issues nor take any medicine. Some of the signs (none really bothered me) were: frequent urination, belching, passing gas, and bowel movements changed in frequency, size and shape. Next, my upper abdomen became distended, and I thought this COVID sure got me baking and eating. By […]


I grew up in Southern California before moving to Arizona for 12 years. July 2015, we relocated to beautiful Montana! Life was amazing! Then in October 2016, when the kids were 8 & 10, I started noticing bloating and occasional abdominal pain (that I chalked up to teaching more classes). I saw my GP who […]


Meet Tina. Wife to Phil of 25 years and mom to two of the most beautiful daughters. She is another OC Warrior I am proud to have met along my journey. She is super active, a dedicated Peloton rider. She still rode her bike all through treatment, even if it was for just 20 minutes. […]