Harts of Teal, a faith-based non-profit started by two ovarian cancer survivors.

I am a 60 year female with no medical issues nor take any medicine. Some of the signs (none really bothered me) were: frequent urination, belching, passing gas, and bowel movements changed in frequency, size and shape. Next, my upper abdomen became distended, and I thought this COVID sure got me baking and eating. By the next week, it became worse and hurt.

I made an appointment with my GP who prescribed 2 meds and set me up for an abdomen/pelvis CT. Within 2 hours of the CT, my GP called me (us) into the office. What she said, I really don’t know but said to go straight to the hospital which we did. They drained 2.4 liters of fluid out of my abdomen which was sent off on Wednesday, March 17th (I had my St. Patty’s day dinner in the crock pot) for testing. I spent a week in the hospital that comprised of many other tests. My doctor suspected ovarian but couldn’t get the ball running (like I want) until he got the fluid results in print. Well, the results came back Monday afternoon then I promptly got a port. On Tuesday , I got my 1st chemo ( 3 drugs). Next day ,went home. I wanted to get going asap with the strongest regiment.

Before my 2nd chemo, I had my labs done. My CA125 initially was 998 and after 1 chemo it’s 235 which absolutely thrilled us all. Chemo is working and yes my hair is falling out. Next chemo May 4th.

I have a wonderful family and friend support system. I really like my doctor and all his achievements.We have an 18 month old grandson who is my inspiration to fight this battle. My faith and trust in GOD will get me through.

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