Harts of Teal, a faith-based non-profit started by two ovarian cancer survivors.

Hello my name is Cherry . My story of battling ovarian cancer is a successful one. So about 5 years ago I began noticing that the left side of my stomach was larger than it had been. I noticed while lying on my back that it felt like it was swollen or that I kind of felt pregnant. I had already started menopause so I knew that was out of the question!!! (Whew)!! I then went to my OB GYN doctor and the outcome from an ultra sound taken showed there was cancer in my left ovary. I was immediately scheduled for surgery and within two weeks I had a complete hysterectomy. The results was a two pound cyst that was full of cancer. The surgery was successful in that they got all the cancer and it was contained and did not spread. We caught it early and I have been cancer free since. Just had my yearly bloodwork done and everything still is clear. I thank God everyday for His working in my life and my message here is go immediately and get yourself checked out as soon as possible. It matters to know for sure and getting ahead of this terrible disease. This cancer changed my life and as a result I took seriously what I was eating and doing, and so I began looking at my life differently. Thanks for letting me tell my story.

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