Kacie Jones Swain

34 years old, healthy. A physician assistant in Emergency Medicine. I have a son and a daughter and was pregnant with twin girls. Around 30 weeks pregnant I developed severe pain. OB thought it was muscle pain. A few weeks later it was unbearable and I insisted something else was wrong. I was admitted and […]


My story began January 2019 I have been having irregular cycles and a lot of symptoms and the Gastro doctor always dismissed me as have an irritable bowel syndrome. My GYN doctor said you have a very large ovary and enlarged uterus, we need to just do a hysterectomy at this point. Nothing was suspected […]


Andrea’s journey with cancer has started in November 2012. On her 50th birthday in 2012, she was diagnosed with breast cancer. She underwent a double mastectomy and reconstruction just a month later. Andrea remained cancer free for several years. Then in 2019 while she was vacationing in Ireland, she began to notice more frequent abdominal […]