Harts of Teal, a faith-based non-profit started by two ovarian cancer survivors.

My story began January 2019 I have been having irregular cycles and a lot of symptoms and the Gastro doctor always dismissed me as have an irritable bowel syndrome. My GYN doctor said you have a very large ovary and enlarged uterus, we need to just do a hysterectomy at this point. Nothing was suspected of ovarian cancer. It wasn’t until she did the operation which she had to do the hard way with a large cut. When she pulled ovary out she knew I did not look right and she had it sent off to be biopsied. Turned out the ovarian cancer was contained with in the ovary in the very middle. If I would’ve went another month and that ovary would of burst it would have spread. GOD was looking out for me. I feel blessed in the sense that I had no chemo but I still live in constant fear of recurrence. Once you have that Cancer word in your mind it never leaves. I have a three month regular CA 125 and check up with my GYN oncologist Dr. Hines in Atlanta. I recently had my pet scan and it showed no evidence of cancer.

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